Welcome to the Addingham Dental Practice



If you are visiting this website for the first time, thank you for considering us as your new dental practice.

Muirhead Dental Health has been synonymous with high quality dentistry in the Ilkley, Addingham and surrounding areas for over 50 years (when John Muirhead’s father qualified from Edinburgh and joined a Bradford dental practice in 1965).

The new dental practice is located in a former doctor’s surgery in the heart of the village, a Grade 2 listed building now lovingly restored to its former glory. Our aim is to provide a valuable, professional service to the local community, allowing everyone in the area the potential to achieve and maintain enduring healthy and attractive smiles.

Our approach is to provide you with as much information about treatment options as you wish. Factors such as the cost, appearance and particularly the health and function of your teeth need to be considered and balanced, so that the best treatment solution can be determined. We will always offer you the best and most practical advice that we can, but ultimately the level of care and dental intervention is your choice.


Our Philosophy

Some people call it a Mission Statement, but for us it’s simply an expression of our everyday work and commitment to you, our patients.

our philosophy

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